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About NCS

NCS SubSea is a premier provider of survey, navigation, positioning, and ultrahigh resolution seismic services to the offshore E&P industry. Based in Stafford, Texas, NCS SubSea was incorporated in November 2004 and executed its first commercial project in January 2005. Since that time we have demonstrated a consistent ability to plan and execute complex navigation and geoscience projects in a variety of configurations around the globe.

In 2013 we were purchased by OYO Corporation (“Doctor to the earth”), an industry leading geoscience and geoengineering firm committed to creating a safe, sustainable, and secure future for mankind through the application of geologic science and technology. The strong financial backing of the OYO Group, coupled with our unmatched technology and personnel, has helped to transform NCS SubSea into a fully integrated provider of offshore positioning, survey, and ultrahigh resolution seismic services.