About NCS SubSea Experience

About NCS

Over the last 10 years, NCS SubSea has operated in 30+ countries worldwide. NCS SubSea was founded with a cosmopolitan framework in mind, based on a specific need in the market for custom navigation and positioning solutions catered primarily to the transition zone (TZ) marine seismic application. Historically, through the ups and downs in the niche navigation and positioning market, NCS SubSea has maintained a focus on creating custom solutions for our clients based on the understanding that no two jobs are the same. This practical strategy, leveraged with a well-rounded understanding of the need for evolution in marine geoscience and technology, led NCS SubSea to develop the first, thrice-patented, integrated navigation system designed specifically for ultrahigh-resolution (UHR) 3D marine seismic acquisition. Building on the experience gained as the navigation and positioning provider for UHR3D acquisition, NCS SubSea has emerged as the leading provider of UHR3D geophysical acquisition services, operating the largest P-Cable system available on the open market. We remain committed and focused on advancing the science and technology associated with both TZ and UHR3D applications.