QHSE Operational Management System

NCS SubSea has adopted the Operational Management System (OMS) Framework for controlling risk and delivering high performance in our operational activities. The scope of the OMS is designed to address a broad range of risks such as those associated with occupational quality, health and safety, environment (QHSE) and social responsibility, process safety and quality, and security. The OMS Framework is comprised of two interdependent components:

  1. The four fundamentals that focus attention on management principles that are the most important factors for an effective OMS are Leadership, Risk Management, Continuous Improvement and Implementation.
  2. There are ten elements that establish a structure to organize the various components of an OMS.

The intent of the OMS Framework is to encompass all phases of NCS SubSea's business activity, and as such, the word "operational" refers to the entire business lifecycle. This framework integrates the quality, health, safety, environment, security and social responsibility aspects of our business activities.