High-resolution P-Cable 3D data reveal superior seismic imaging of potential hydrocarbon reservoirs. This figure shows faulted Jurassic sandstone prospects in the Barents Sea.
The P-Cable data are compared with conventional 3D seismic data - both datasets are processed with the TGS Clari-Fi™ method. Slide line to view the difference.

What We Do

NCS SubSea is a premier provider of high precision navigation and ultrahigh resolution seismic services to the offshore E&P industry.


Reduce Risk, Reveal Opportunity: NCS SubSea's unique combination of precise navigation and ultrahigh resolution seismic solutions reduce and quantify uncertainty, allowing offshore E&P operators to safely and confidently identify, drill and produce hydrocarbon resources.

Latest News

October, 2016 - NCS Subsea has begun work on a major Gulf of Mexico campaign for a super-major oil company. This P-Cable UHR 3D seismic acquisition campaign will cover approximately 170 km2 over two separate fields and follows two successful surveys in the Barents Sea earlier this year.

July, 2016 - NCS SubSea acquires P-Cable A/S of Norway expanding our expertise and opportunities in the UHR seismic market. Visit our P-Cable website for more information P-Cable.com

October, 2013 - NCS SubSea is developing the Navigation and Position solution for Kietta's new nodal system, FreeCable, which was introduced at the 2016 SEG Conference. FreeCable is an innovative solution using controlled-depth cables, kept precisely in place with ASVs utilizing NCS's navigation and positioning solution. Visit FreeCableSeis.com