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NCS SubSea (NCS) supplies marine seismic expertise to the offshore E&P industry. We are the premier provider of ultrahigh resolution (UHR) 2D/3D/4D surveys and seismic support services.

Quantify and reduce risk; evaluate potential new or bypassed reservoirs; and monitor changes in reservoir characteristics over time.

Obtain incredibly precise and reliable navigation and positioning data with unprecedented detail and resolution on the scale of only a few meters.

See Marine Seismic Acquisition In Action

Shallow tow depths and careful design of both source and receiver arrays, coupled with extremely fine sampling intervals both temporally and spatially, result in broadband images with exceptional levels of detail and clarity compared to conventional marine seismic acquisition methodologies.

Marine Seismic - P-Cable UHR Data vs Conventional 3D DataMarine Seismic - UHR Data vs Conventional 3D Data

Innovate and Illuminate

Our mission is to design, develop and implement cost-effective seismic support services and ultrahigh resolution seismic solutions for the offshore E&P industry. Achieving this mission requires balancing the demands of superior quality with timely delivery, while simultaneously managing the risks inherent in the activities we perform.

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