NCS SubSea has been acquired by Ocean Floor Geophysics Inc.

Together we will continue to provide premier ultrahigh resolution (UHR) 2D/3D/4D marine seismic surveys with the P-Cable system. P-Cable technology reduces risk and reveal opportunities so you can make informed, timely decisions for safely developing and optimizing the value of your offshore assets. This acquisition ensures you have precise, reliable data at a range of scales and depths that is uniquely suited to an energy market in transition.

P-Cable Technology

P-Cable is a compact, flexible offshore seismic data acquisition system combined with robust patented navigation and positioning support technology that provides extremely detailed ultrahigh-resolution images of the seafloor and subsurface geology. The extremely detailed data that P-Cable technology collects makes it the top choice for a multitude of marine seismic imaging challenges. P-Cable is an industry leading option for a wide array of applications and industries.

See P-Cable In Action

P-Cable UHR3D combines shallow tow depths and careful design of both source and receiver arrays, coupled with extremely fine sampling intervals both temporally and spatially. The resulting images provide exceptional levels of detail and clarity compared to conventional marine seismic imaging methods.

Our Marine Seismic Survey Services

Together with OFG and PGS, NCS SubSea is a global provider of full-scope solutions for ultrahigh resolution (UHR) marine seismic surveying. We are a trusted leader around the world including Europe, Africa, Asia/Pacific, North and South America and the Middle East. From initial survey design through to final data processing and interpretation, patented P-Cable technology provides the clarity and resolution to equip your project with the best information available.

  • Marine Seismic Survey Design & Planning
  • UHR Seismic Data Acquisition
  • Real-Time Quality Control
  • Fast Track Data Delivery
  • Marine Seismic Data Processing & Interpretation utilizing carefully selected industry partners
  • Seismic Support for Offshore Operations
  • Shore-based support for companies without internal navigation expertise
  • Proprietary, industry-standard integrated navigation systems
  • Online positioning for vessels & in-water seismic equipment
  • Real-time coverage monitoring & binning
  • Offline post-processing of navigation data

Applications & Industries Supported By P-Cable 3D Data

P-Cable UHR3D data has been utilized by a broad range of users – from national oil companies and industry supermajors to smaller independents and leading academic institutions – for a wide range of imaging applications including offshore exploration and field development, offshore wind farm surveys, reservoir management, deep and shallow-water geohazard surveys, carbon capture and sequestration projects, and marine geologic studies. Successful discovery and development of offshore resources relies on detailed marine 3D and 4D seismic imaging to optimize resource recovery as well as for siting seafloor infrastructure. Offshore industries that require accurate mapping of shallow gas, weak layers, faults, or other potential shallow subsurface geological hazards will see vast improvements in their understanding of these features thanks to superb spatial and temporal resolution of P-Cable data.

Quantify and reduce risk; evaluate potential new or bypassed reservoirs; and monitor changes in reservoir characteristics over time.

Obtain incredibly precise and reliable navigation and positioning data with unprecedented detail and resolution on the scale of only a few meters.

NCS SubSea brings invaluable knowledge to industries such as:

  • Reservoir Imaging & Exploration
  • Site Surveys & Geohazards
  • Marine Geology Studies
  • Offshore Field Development
  • 4D (Time-Lapse) Reservoir Monitoring & Investigations
  • Carbon Capture & Storage
  • Offshore Wind Farm & Nuclear Power Facilities

NCS SubSea Mission

The mission of NCS SubSea is to innovate and illuminate by designing, developing, and implementing cost-effective seismic support services and ultrahigh resolution seismic solutions for the offshore industry. We lead the industry by providing products and services that meet or exceed our client’s expectations in terms of quality, safety, reliability, efficiency, timeliness, cost-effectiveness, and environmental and resource stewardship.

NCS SubSea Core Values

QHSSE management is fundamental to the culture and operations at NCS SubSea. It is not merely an add-on or afterthought, but the very foundation upon which our company was built – it is our way of life. Failure and loss are unacceptable impediments to a strong work culture and healthy individuals. We are committed to a process of continuous improvement in all aspects of our business and believe that:

  • There is nothing we do worth injuring anyone or anything.
  • There is no project worth harming the environment.
  • There is no operation worth damaging our assets or those of our clients.





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