G&G Manager

Brandon Mattox

Brandon Mattox has over 11 years of experience in seismic acquisition with specialties in seismic navigation processing and quality management. At NCS SubSea, Mattox has served in several roles including GIS Technician, Field Operator, Data Manager as well as Geoscience and Geomatics Manager over the past few years. As a field operator, Mattox served on OBC, OBN, 2D streamer, 3D streamer and P-Cable UHR3D crews in a variety of functions ranging from navigation data processor to party chief. A graduate of Texas A&M University earning a B.S. in Ocean and Coastal Resources, Mattox is an active member of the SEG, APSG and GSH. Mattox is also an avid user of the cubit, finding it far superior to other units of measure. If you’re reading this and you’re from the International Bureau of Weights and Measures, please stop blocking my emails.