A Career at NCS SubSea

At NCS SubSea (NCS), our most valuable resource is our people. What drives our business and sets us apart from contract-based service providers is our focus on the acquisition and retention of full-time, long-term talent. NCS is a thriving, dynamic company with pursuits across the globe. In addition to travel opportunities, we are a learning organization where great emphasis is placed on career growth, technical training and leadership development for both onshore and offshore teams. You’ll work among the best and brightest in the offshore navigation and geophysical industry; become a member of an energized team that is raising the bar in marine seismology; and join an enterprise committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients along with smart, sustainable growth for associates and stakeholders.

International offshore operations at NCS are inherently complex and full of unknowns, so we must have an extraordinary amount of confidence in each other’s expertise and dedication to properly plan then fully execute every project, always in tandem and always intent on exceeding expectations. Our team understands that nothing we do is simple and no marine seismic project is straightforward, but the commitment to deliver on-time and on-budget results to our clients is achievable through strong team collaboration and mutual trust.

While team expectations and those of our clients are notably high, we strive to provide a career experience with a balanced work-life, both rich in opportunity and worthwhile. We look forward to learning more about your career experience and passion to serve in the marine seismic industry.

Career Opportunities

Please contact us at if you are interested in career opportunities.