President and CEO

Larry Scott

Larry Scott has over four decades of experience in geophysical exploration with in-depth exposure to a broad range of geoscience disciplines and has served as NCS SubSea’s President and CEO since September 2014 and Chairman of the Board for P-Cable 3D Seismic AS since July 2016. Prior to joining NCS SubSea, Scott held a number of executive level roles at NEOS Geosolutions, Global Geophysical, Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping, ION/GXT and Veritas Geophysical. Scott began his career with Western Geophysical in 1979 as a marine seismic data processor and assumed roles of progressively greater responsibility, eventually leading the Western Hemisphere and Eastern Hemisphere Marine divisions of Western Geophysical, which comprised the world’s largest seismic fleet at the time. A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Scott is an active member of the SEG, EAGE, IAGC and numerous other industry associations.