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Advances in Marine Seismic Data Acquisition Workshop

P-Cable Ultrahigh Resolution (UHR)
Seismic Date for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Presented by Larry Scott
Tuesday, September 7 2021 | 17:35 – 17:55 | Virtual

SEG | AAPG Annual Meeting

International Meeting for
Applied Geoscience & Energy

September 26 – October 1, 2021

Denver, CO and Online

Shallow & Deepwater Expo

October 12 – 14, 2021


Seismic News & Articles

4D P-Cable UHR Monitor
Survey in Gulf of Mexico

NCS SubSea has been awarded a 4D P-Cable Ultrahigh Resolution (UHR) monitor survey in the deep-water US Gulf of Mexico. The survey is planned to start in Q3 2021 and have a duration of approximately 45 days.

Superior Time-lapse Repeatability
Using the P-Cable System

The P-Cable high-resolution 3D marine acquisition system can be deployed at short notice and relatively low cost, making it attractive for time-lapse seismic reservoir monitoring.

Marine Seismic

Our crew prepared a multi-channel marine seismic data acquisition system for shipment to the Gulf of Mexico for an upcoming geohazard survey. To gain efficiencies during mobilization and demobilization, our technical team engineered multiple units for containerization.


Ultrahigh Resolution Marine Seismic

P-Cable UHR3D seismic data offers unrivaled imaging of subsurface hazards for drilling and infrastructure safety and represents a step change in geohazard evaluation.

P-Cable UHR4D Reservoir
Monitoring Case Study

Our client, a major international E&P company, needed to develop a low-cost methodology for routinely performing 4D time-lapse seismic monitoring of deep-water oil fields in the US Gulf of Mexico that are being produced by water injection.

P-Cable XR Solid Streamer

The P-Cable XR Solid Streamer was produced to provide exceptional data
for high-resolution marine seismic surveys.

P-Cable XR Solid Digitizer

The P-Cable XR Solid Digitizer features 24-bit A/D conversion for maximum signal fidelity and wide bandwidth recording to support offshore petroleum, windfarm, construction, engineering and sub-bottom profiling applications.

Offshore Windfarm Site Surveys

Offshore Wind Farms (OWF) are a vital and rapidly growing component of the global move towards a renewable energy future. NCS SubSea, working in collaboration with industry-leading geophysical and geotechnical partners, is playing a leading role in defining that future.


Advanced Seismic Solutions and New Exploration Concepts

The ongoing need for improved resolution has had a profound impact on the marine seismic industry over the past decade. For both streamer and ocean bottom techniques, several innovative broadband techniques have been developed to extend the bandwidth and improve the resolution of marine seismic data through a combination of acquisition and processing technologies.

Reducing Risk in Offshore
Planning and Development

Ultrahigh resolution 3D seismic methods not only bridge the gap in continuity between the shallow subsurface and seafoor, but also the gap in communication between geoscientists and engineers.

Mass Transport Complex Imaging with P-Cable UHR 3D Seismic

Accurate imaging of shallow mass transport complexes (MTCs) is often necessary for the planning and completion of offshore development activities in a timely and safe manner.

Solving the Problem of Fuzzy Geohazards

Detecting and analyzing the shallow geo-hazards in the Gulf of Mexico has long been an industry-wide challenge. These hazards directly impact safety and the environment during drilling and completion. The economics of this impact are significant and cannot be ignored.

Applicability of UHR 3D Seismic Data for Geohazard Identification

Preliminary results from data collected along mid-slope depths an affrmation that UHR3D seismic acquisition is very in the northern Gulf of Mexico are very promising.

What is P-Cable UHR 3D Seismic? When is it better?

P-Cable Acquisition Methodology, Production Statistics, Processing Flows

Dense Arrays of Short Streamers for UHR 3D Seismic Imaging

Ultrahigh-resolution 3D (UHR3D) seismic systems employing a dense array of short streamers represent a significant advancement in the field of marine seismic data acquisition and are an appropriate choice for many near-surface survey applications.

Toward One-Meter Resolution in 3D Seismic

High-resolution 3D (HR3D) seismic data are important for hydrocarbon exploration of shallow reservoirs, site characterization, and geohazard assessments.


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