Ultrahigh Resolution Seismic

Ultrahigh Resolution Overview

NCS SubSea (NCS) and P-Cable 3D Seismic have pioneered the commercial development of the P-Cable ultrahigh resolution recording system as an unrivaled tool for providing extremely detailed images of geology at and beneath the seafloor. Using proprietary navigation and seismic acquisition technologies to augment the accuracy, robustness, and reliability of this system over the past several years, we have been able to produce subsurface images of astounding quality and fidelity.

Key Features and Advantages

Unrivaled temporal and spatial resolution, extremely dense near offset, compact and configurable.


Exploration and appraisal, geohazard, field development, 4D time lapse.

P-Cable Acquisition Calculator

Click on this nifty acquisition calculator tool to assess the impact of survey geometry variations by adjusting basic survey parameters to determine the optimum tradeoff between spatial sampling, survey efficiency, and fold of coverage.

See Ultrahigh Resolution Seismic In Action

Shallow tow depths and careful design of both source and receiver arrays, coupled with extremely fine sampling intervals both temporally and spatially, result in broadband images with exceptional levels of detail and clarity compared to conventional marine seismic acquisition methodologies.

When Resolution Matters